I provide personalized attention which offers significant benefits over large consultancy firms.

As a dedicated consultant I will understand your unique needs and I can provide tailored advice and guide you through the complex process, ensuring your goals are met with a comprehensive plan.

Identifying your needs and goals is crucial, as is researching and shortlisting potential consultants with relevant expertise and experience. Ask me for referrals or read these TESTIMONIALS.

I have the necessary track record and approach to ensure you the dedicated support you need. Finally, consider factors such as availability, fees, network, and your personal comfort level to make a well-informed final decision.



More than 30 years of experience in international real estate and financial consulting. I have been advising people looking for a new home abroad for over 30 years. About real estate and finance. My focus is on Mallorca, the US and the Bahamas. As a coach, I will take you exactly where you no longer need me: Buying, renting and selling real estate intelligently. Use financing correctly to avoid unnecessary taxes, achieve liquidity, withdraw money when emigrating.

Doro, Manchester

“Competence and friendliness come together here. We received serious advice and felt that we were in good hands both when buying and selling our house. After-sales service is also a top priority."

Dr. M. Schmeer, Frankfurt

"Super nice and fair advice! Very helpful and solution-oriented approach. We felt we were in very good hands!"

Tom Fergusson, London

“I am extremely satisfied with CARE and its services - extremely competent, very easy to contact, excellent and targeted solutions - all in all, super support. ”

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